Secrets of the Northern Quarter Walking Tour

  • Northern Quarter, Manchester, North West 06

    Northern Quarter walking tour
  • Northern Quarter, Manchester, North West

    Northern Quarter walking tour

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Northern Quarter Walking Tour

Explore Manchester’s hippest district

The Northern Quarter walking tour visits the beating heart of Manchester’s thriving indie scene. With its vibrant street art, bohemian bars, eclectic eateries and unique boutiques, the Northern Quarter is the place to be in the city.  

Boho Manchester, cool Manchester, modish Manchester, funky but chic Manchester. It’s the Northern Quarter. A land of crumbling cotton factories, sky-scraping fire escapes, Bohemian bars, hidden spaces, cult markets, chic galleries and cardamom-scented curry cafes. A style haven shaped in marble, steel and beech wood, with streets named in Mediterranean tiles and pavements slabbed in mosaic.

There’s even a great history of political turmoil, a stretch of the last remaining back-to-back houses in the area, several Life on Mars locations, Mick Hucknall’s favourite curry cafe and Captain America was filmed here.

Discover the history and culture of Manchester’s equivalent of New York’s East Village or London’s Shoreditch on a Northern Quarter walking tour.



£10 per person

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