The Manchester Sightseeing Team

Welcome to the Manchester Sightseeing department where we aim to show you the best our region has to offer. Manchester Sightseeing activities are designed to showcase the city that we call home to visitors staying in the centre. We offer a range of sightseeing tours and things to do within Manchester itself. In addition, our programme of out of town day excursions from Manchester by train, have been carefully selected for their simplicity and popularity.

Jenny Kirkwood, Manager

I manage the Manchester Sightseeing team. As part of this I develop relationships with suppliers new and old and oversee new product planning. I also oversee maintenance to the Sightseeing website and ensure customers are met with a warm welcome at the station with all questions answered.

About Jenny

Favourite holiday: Too many to choose between but recent favourites were Pompeii and Istanbul. I’d always wanted to go to both and they didn’t disappoint. Istanbul is history and culture wrapped into on. Sitting on the rooftops with a beer looking at the city views, it was amazing. I went to Pompeii for my 50th – it really is a must-see!

Favourite Manchester Sightseeing tour: I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our new Conwy tour, so obviously I think that is the best one!

Hobbies and hidden talents: I love warm weather and spending time in the garden. I enjoy being creative when I get the opportunity. My artistic flair comes out when I sew – though I have a big challenge ahead in preparing 70s outfits for this year’s Christmas events.  Otherwise, sunny afternoons in a beer garden are my favourite! As for hidden talents, I’m keeping that one to myself!

Fun fact: Every year I eat 18 Christmas Dinners. Tough job. (We’ve seen her do it, it’s impressive.)

Louise Annesley, Day Trips and Tour Support Co-ordinator

On top of meet & greets in Manchester, I work to assemble travel packages for customers and aid with Manchester Sightseeing customer service.

About Louise

Favourite holiday: Japan 2018, I joined together with a group of other solo travellers to see as much of mainland Japan as physically possible in two weeks in Cherry Blossom season. Absolutely stunning!

Favourite Manchester Sightseeing tour: I think the Robinsons Brewery tour is massively underappreciated. I did the tour myself and had an amazing time so I can’t recommend it strongly enough!

Hobbies and hidden talents: Planning my own trips and seeing friends and family as much as possible. My hidden talent is that I’m very good at remembering dates for birthdays and anniversaries!

Fun fact: I used to work backstage on the Jeremy Kyle show…

Michelle Tatton, Tour Consultant

I do all things related to Manchester. I meet with guests at the station for day trips; I develop new products and work with attractions to build perfect packages for customers; and I work on the Manchester Sightseeing website updating and renewing products. You can also catch me out and about testing our products and developing business relationships.

About Michelle

Favourite holiday:  India 2009. I explored the lesser-travelled area of North Sikkim up in the Himalayan border with China and I was completely unprepared for snow. Plus I travelled to the highest cafe in the world for Chai tea and then had to hide in the back of the car from Chinese military (which is a longer story).

On the same trip, my tuk tuk driver invited me to a family wedding in Delhi. The whole family took me in and dressed me in the full Indian attire (the bride even re-stitched a top for me to wear the night before her wedding!). It was an unforgettable experience. I love India.

Favourite Manchester Sightseeing tour: York, the Cathedral and Vikings’ Day Trip by Train tour. There is literally too much to do in a day but the whole city is magic. I especially enjoyed The York dungeon. (mainly for Ffion’s reaction to every single tiny scary bit)  The city is beautiful and the attractions are varied (I, of course, love the smell of chocolate in the city too).

Hobbies and hidden talents: I like to do anything active and adventurous – anything that keeps me moving and pushes my boundaries. This year I’ll be doing my first half marathon, while I just completed my first charity boxing match (a second is on the cards). I also love hiking and try to get out as much as I can! I’m also planning on a paddleboard purchase so I can get out on the water more.

Fun fact: I worked as a guide in the Canadian Chilcoten range. I had 2 very close encounters with Grizzly bears and I almost fell out a helicopter mid flight.

Ffion Hughes, Day Trips and Manchester Sightseeing Co-ordinator

I do a bit of everything across two departments – Day Trips and Manchester Sightseeing. I organise and book day trips and call clients regarding new Day Trips we have. In the MSS department, I work on the website and social media upkeep, as well as assisting in research and putting tours together. I also do Meet and Greets at Piccadilly Station.

About Ffion

Favourite holiday: Australia, sun and nice beaches and Aussie accents are hard to beat. I’ve got family out in Australia and we went out over Christmas time – the seafood platter Christmas dinner was a change of pace, but I love seafood so there are no complaints here. We did some dolphin watching on the coast and just had a super relaxing time. It was awesome.

Favourite Manchester Sightseeing tour: York, beautiful city and free to visit any attractions you please. And I totally wasn’t scared in the dungeons (no matter what Michelle might try to tell you).

Hobbies and hidden talents: I enjoy a bit of yoga and climbing, two very similar pastimes. As for a special talent, professional prawn de-sheller? Is that a thing? I’m good at peeling prawns.

Fun fact: I speak fluent Welsh – I guess that’s a fun fact when you live in England. Iechyd da!