Greatdays Travel Group CSR Policy

Greatdays Travel Group promotes and maintains high standards of Corporate Social Responsibility. As a provider of tailor-made holiday packages for both the coaching market and private group organisers, we believe a positive record amongst our competitors and clients as a conscientious employer that acts responsibly and with integrity is a priority. Our recent successes at the UK Coach, Group Travel and Coach Tourism Awards is testament to this in action.

We are conscious of the important role that the development, review and implementation of key policies governing environmental awareness, employment and supplier selection plays in the success of our business.

Greatdays Travel Group defines corporate social responsibility as actions that positively impact our clients, our staff and our suppliers. Examples of our commitment to corporate responsibility include:

Conducting our business responsibly and ethically at all levels.

Investment in staff through training workshops and familiarisation trips across the UK and Europe to deepen the knowledge and experience of our destination specialists, improving the Greatdays offering.

Holding an annual company conference to promote inter-departmental cooperation and company vision.

Managing our environmental impact.

A positive attitude towards equality and disability in the workplace and towards our clients interests and support on our tours.

Implementation of a simple but effective process for the collection and review of customer feedback.

We believe that even small measures can have a big impact; we have many members of staff who reduce their carbon footprint by walking into the office, travelling on public transport or car sharing; and we take measures to ensure that all our electrical equipment is turned off overnight and when not in use. Recycling is also important to us; we are taking steps to reduce the amount of paper we use and where this cannot be avoided, we ensure that all paper and cardboard is correctly recycled. We also recycle plastic and glass from the office and all old electrical equipment is disposed of sensibly.