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Events to bring your group together

Team building activities are more hands-on than our other tours and activities. They are sure to improve bonds between your team members. Be sure to enquire for more details.

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Beat the Office Blues with team building activities in manchester

Have you ever been sitting in your office with an important email up on your screen, knowing that you should pass this information on the guy in finance department? But – shock horror – you’ve only gone and forgotten his name. Or maybe you’re on a work trip with Theresa from accounts and desperately struggling to keep the conversation flowing – there’s only so many times you can bring up the weather while staring down into your wine glass before it becomes too much.

Team building is the resolution to all the little workplace awkwardnesses that add up to make the day more difficult. They’re the perfect way to break down social barriers and improve team morale. It’s not just for workgroups either: sports teams, musical groups and all manner of clubs could benefit from a bit of us time.

Honestly, can you tell us that you won’t feel more at ease with Mike from marketing after together you’ve thrown a few axes at a giant target, knocked back a couple of locally-distilled gins or played a round or two of mini-golf? These activities are all, simply put, a lot of fun and they’ll quickly get your team laughing along like old friends.

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